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It's All in the Name

Anything intentional, by definition, is done on purpose; deliberate and conscious.

Adventure refers to an experience which is exciting; bold and unusual.

Intention is essential to plan, prepare, and execute a backpacking adventure. Every ounce of food is calculated, all gear and necessities are scrutinized, the route is clearly outlined, and each step is taken with purpose. Breaks, lunch-stops, water collection, and camping sites are all chosen thoughtfully.

Ultimately, these considerations promote freedom and a sense of wildness in the wilderness. Laxity coupled with preparedness creates an opportunity for clarity, openness and peace on trail.

This energy of peace and happiness is available to us in every moment, if we allow for it to be. It seems, for me, openness is most accessible while I wander.

The inspiration which opened for me an opportunity to pursue my passions to start Intentional Adventures sparked within me while backpacking last summer. With this, I'm committed to sharing my spirit authentically in my posts and also on trail in the life-transforming opportunity I'm offering with my adventures.

My Intention today: Love my spirit with conscious, deep breathing and gratify my body with yoga and chirapsia.

My Adventure today: Buddy, Ohana, and I explored our new territory and walked along the banks of Douglas Lake. I adored

the melody of the red-winged blackbirds signing in the tall grass, the beauty of the great white pelicans fishing on the water, and the chill of the early morning breeze. The dogs joyously romped and swam and sniffed-happy to be outside, with the pack.

My Challenge to You: Share a story or experience when you were clear and felt peace in your heart. On trail or elsewhere, I'd enjoy to hear your access to openness.

** Share below OR with someone in your world- connection is love **

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