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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do I need to pack for a Wellness in the Wilderness 5-day/4-night trek?

Answer: We provide all of the group gear, kitchen, water filtration, food storage, tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. You will receive a detailed suggested packing list. In short, you'll bring:

- a backpack, at least 35L, which has been fitted for you by a professional and you have practiced hiking with fully packed

- appropriate clothes/layers for high altitude hiking, including rain gear 

- trail shoes or boots that you've been using to practice hike

- a headlamp, fully charged or with new batteries

- two, lightweight water bottles

Question: How much backpacking experience should I have?

Answer: Beginner backpackers welcome! We encourage guests to have some hiking experience, at least in the weeks prior to your Wellness in the Wilderness trek.

Question: How much yoga experience should I have?

Answer: Beginner Yogis welcome! We recommend guests integrate daily-ish yoga into your pre-trek training routine.

Question: What will we eat?

Answer: All trail food is provided. The menu is generally CLEAN and any food allergy or preference can be accommodated. We will enjoy energizing breakfasts, nutritious snacks, and healthy dinners to fuel our adventure.

Question: What happens if I get hurt?

Answer: Every situation is different. Our guide is trained and certified as a Wilderness First Responder and will make evacuation or treatment decisions based on the circumstance. Safety is first priority always and we take measures to reduce risk, when possible.

Question: Does Intentional Adventures offer Private treks?

Answer: Absolutely! We're happy to plan a private trek for your family or group of friends- We can accommodate 6-8 guests. If this is something you'd like more information about, just reach out!

Question: Can kids come on a Wellness in the Wilderness trek?

Answer: Right now, only adults over 18 years old are welcome on our backpacking adventures.

Question: Can dogs come on a Wellness in the Wilderness trek?

Answer: Possibly! If the group is comfortable with having a dog, if the dog is well-mannered and healthy/trained to hike, and if the owner is knowledgeable and willing to follow posted rules and regulations. 

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