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About Katy


"Accept the Challenge and Enjoy the Growth" 

Hiking and Yoga have challenged me and completely transformed my perspective of myself and my world. Through "doing the hard stuff" and finding stillness, I've revealed my inner warrior, my own worthiness, and a great love for all beings. 


My mission is to guide women to connect with their intention through practicing wellness in the backcountry. 

A little backstory, if you're interested:

Raised in rural Indiana, I spent most summer days exploring the woods and playing in the stream in my home's backyard.

After college, I served 4 years in the U.S. Army. My favorite trainings were land navigation, field exercises, and challenging obstacle courses.

I discovered a passion for guiding when I moved across the country to the Rocky Mountains to work seasonally as a rafting guide on the Colorado River in 2011.

I started solo-hiking, and little by little I gained enough knowledge, gear, and fitness to hike big mountains and long-distances. This newfound confidence opened my world to amazing opportunities. 


In 2016, I began leading multi-day backpacking trips. At the same time, I listened to my hardworking body and adopted a yoga practice. Two worlds collided perfectly for me and now I'm happy to offer them together- Intentional Adventures.


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